Services Overview

Made InMetality strives for the best results in customizing your order. Our services are maintained to make sure both the customer and the professional teams are pleased with the overall outcome. With three specific steps, your order can be processed and delivered. Throughout this process, our services are intended to keep you calm. Know and trust that our professional teams will see to it that your needs are meet. More so, the company intends to deliver products that you will enjoy from the moment you receive it, through many years to follow. Each order is treated to last for many years past the order date and make sure that you are completely satisfied. 

A brief example of our 3 step process to provide satisfied results. 

Web Site 3 Easy Steps.png


CAD File

Each order has an email delivered 3D file to present a graphic resemblance of what you are ordering. Also, we will add annotations with the design so that you can be prepared for the scale of the order. 

With every designer's fee, you will receive three drawings. One to match your conversation with the designer about the order, and two more to allow modifications. 

Once the design is decided you will receive a finalized invoice. Upon payment, the fabrication teams will begin to complete your order. 

Fabricated Feature

The fabrication teams will direct their focus to make sure the completed design resembles your CAD file. It is our goal and skill set to accomplish these tasks.

As we are working on the actual product we will update your order by showing it on our Facebook page. If you are not a participant of Facebook, or do not follow the company, we can update you in real time via email. Our company will inquire before the fabrication begins.

We enjoy when our customers are just as excited as we are to see the final result.