Launch Promotion


This is our COMPANY LAUNCH promotion! The promotion will extend until January 1st 2017

For this 10% product discount promotion, the instructions are as follows:

  •     Take a photo of this Jeep Wrangler who has custom body work by Made InMetality
  •     Publicly post your image on Facebook with a the tag #MADEINMETALITY
  •     Contact the company within 30 days of your post with your Facebook Profile name included
  •     Claim your 10% discount

Here are the speculations of the promotion:

  •     The image must match driving legalities. Made InMetality is a strong supporter of SAFE driving. If the image seems to not match the driving laws, it will be disputed and removed from the promotional sale. PLEASE STAY SAFE.
  •     The image cannot be captured for the 10% promotion at any event.
  •     The image must be shared on a public Facebook post
  •     The image must be tagged with #MADEINMETALITY
  •     The promotion must be contacted within 30 days of the public Facebook post.


                On years end, Made InMetality will collect all of the images and select a prize winner. The prize winner will collect a 50% product discount from the company. We will be very excited to the creative means of photography.

                HINT: we will be looking for the happiest group of people in the image with very little distortion of our product.


We hope you CATCH OUR JEEP!!!