Charitable Support Ribbons

We wanted to keep everyone updated as best we could. Here are all six of our ribbons. Each one will have it's own set of proceeds that contribute into their corresponding families. As we near October 1st we would like everyone to know that our goal is not to simply write a check, but show our audience the good their purchase has created.

Our line up of ribbons consists of the following:


The Love Ribbon: this will give to the medical communities. We aim to help or lift the spirits of people who suffer from medical trauma.

The Teacher Ribbon: this ribbons goal is to give back to our teachers. Some of the most inspirational people we know are teachers and they work very hard for very little. We aim to treat them to dinners, give their classrooms supplies, and mostly show our thanks.

The Fire Fighter Ribbons: these brave souls volunteer their time to keeping us safe. There have been numerous times we have have seen them standing on street corners trying to collect money. For such an honorable position, we would like to take some stress off of their weighted shoulders.

The Law Ribbon: we all know the struggles our law enforcement faces daily. Our goal is to relinquish some of those struggles however best we can. We would like to show them that the community has not forgotten their sacrifices and that they are appreciated for the continuous work they provide. There are some very good people working a very difficult job. We want to find them, and reward them.

he Eco Ribbon: Let's clean up our mess. With this ribbon we can help non profits fund events to gather people together and make a difference. Public schools have used science to find solutions to cleaning up bodies of water by using plants. We could help them with the purchase of plants and provide meals for people who are participating.

The Troops Ribbon: There are fantastic organizations that exist to help our veterans community. Our goal isn't to just continue that work but to build upon it. We would like to take the proceeds to give to those who lost loved ones due to wars ensue. We would like those families to remember that the veterans community has not forgotten their sacrifice, and that we still have their six. This ribbon will help us provide a financial solution to this goal.

Launch Promotion


This is our COMPANY LAUNCH promotion! The promotion will extend until January 1st 2017

For this 10% product discount promotion, the instructions are as follows:

  •     Take a photo of this Jeep Wrangler who has custom body work by Made InMetality
  •     Publicly post your image on Facebook with a the tag #MADEINMETALITY
  •     Contact the company within 30 days of your post with your Facebook Profile name included
  •     Claim your 10% discount

Here are the speculations of the promotion:

  •     The image must match driving legalities. Made InMetality is a strong supporter of SAFE driving. If the image seems to not match the driving laws, it will be disputed and removed from the promotional sale. PLEASE STAY SAFE.
  •     The image cannot be captured for the 10% promotion at any event.
  •     The image must be shared on a public Facebook post
  •     The image must be tagged with #MADEINMETALITY
  •     The promotion must be contacted within 30 days of the public Facebook post.


                On years end, Made InMetality will collect all of the images and select a prize winner. The prize winner will collect a 50% product discount from the company. We will be very excited to the creative means of photography.

                HINT: we will be looking for the happiest group of people in the image with very little distortion of our product.


We hope you CATCH OUR JEEP!!!