Made InMetality is the design and custom metal fabrication company. The company prides itself with teams of designers and fabricators to custom create your most desired work. With your help we will manifest your metal needs. The company will collaborate with you directly to make sure the order is exactly what you desire. More so, we inspect every order before delivery to guarantee customer satisfaction. Not only do these teams provide great service, but we welcome you into the team as well. We want to make sure that the process is enjoyable and relaxed as your order is being processed. 

With Made InMetality, a customer can take elements from their life and emphasize themselves with a unique and elegant design. Whether this is a spirit animal, superhero, sports team, romantic notion, or a family crest, Made InMetality will collaborate with you to design a piece of work that will turn your audiences head with enthusiasm.

Made InMetality launched during 2016 in Baltimore City. Our company has aimed to strengthen itself by helping to strengthen its community. We have featured a charity campaign to help raise funds and give back to the community that supports our existence. We also keep an eye out for situations that need metal and contribute at an affordable price. We like to use our abilities in working with metal to prevent theft and destruction to our neighboring homes. You are the reason our company can exist, and with our growth we hope to help grow our surrounding neighborhoods as well.  

Made InMetality was founded by MICA graduate and honorable veteran Joshua Anderson. Joshua fell out of formation after time served in the U.S. Marine Corps and now lives using the creative freedom he fought for.  With Made InMetality, he wants to share the creative freedom art has given him with others by creating custom designs with them. Joshua Anderson has spent years working with metal to create a practical artistic solution for decor. He firmly believes that when someone visits your home, company, or sees your vehicle on the road, they should immediately recognize characteristics that define you.